Monday, January 2, 2017

2016: The Year I Was As Successful As All My Other Years

Yeah, so I keep saying I'm a writer. I write stuff. I do. I don't have any discipline, though. I see all my writer buddies posting about their year in review and I'm like, "I SUCK!"

But I don't. I do write stuff. In fact I wrote a few things last year. I have half a dozen stories finished that I submitted for publication, too. In fact, I got a total of 16 rejections. If you buy into the mantra that every rejection is one step closer to publication, you'll see I'm still not published. Meh.

I'm 6,000 words into the rough draft of a new novel. It's mostly planned out. It has potential

I did the Story-A-Day challenge and have about 20 more story ideas, not counting the above, that are awaiting fleshiness.

I posted 15 times to my blog.


I have a reasonable excuse about my lack of productivity, though. Since June I've actually gotten off my rear end and started biking with some regularity. I'm averaging around 2.5 rides a week and 7.5 miles per ride. Yeah, I'm going blame it on trying to get less fat. The getting less fat, and more fit, is working, but I have a way to go.

So. My goals for 2017? Keep writing. Keep submitting. I have a full-time job and a family so I have to keep all that balanced. Sure would be nice to get a paid credit. C'mon, 2017!

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  1. What a wonderfully successful year you had. You should be proud. I suppose you are since you wrote about it. I'm proud of you!